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Protect the coral reef

The Mantanani Plastic Cleanup Project

At Essential Glasses we're committed to making a positive impact on Mantanani Island, a small island off the coast of Malaysian Borneo.

With every purchase of our sunglasses, €10 are dedicated to clearing the island's beaches of harmful plastic in order to protect its beautiful coral reefs and ensuring a cleaner future for its inhabitants.


The Mantanani Islands (Malay: Pulau Mantanani) form a small group of three islands off the coast of northern Borneo, Malaysia. 

Mantanani currently lacks an effective waste management system, leaving the island vulnerable to plastic pollution. The absence of structured trash collection, plastic recycling, and proper waste transportation to the mainland has led to a pervasive environmental challenge. This issue is notably evident across the island, tarnishing its breathtaking beaches and endangering its vibrant coral reefs.

Our Mission

At the heart of our purpose is a commitment to environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to financing routine beach plastic cleanups, utilizing chartered boats to transport collected plastic back to the mainland for proper recycling. However, our mission extends beyond cleanup efforts.

In our vision for a sustainable future, we aim to establish a local system on the island, encouraging residents to actively participate in recycling. By compensating individuals for each kilogram of plastic they contribute, we aspire to create a community-wide incentive for responsible waste management.

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